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Written by Wally Richards.

FROST DAMAGE PREVENTION AND GARDENING BY THE MOON Frost forms when an outside surface cools past the dew point. The dew point is the point where the air gets so cold, the water vapor in the atmosphere turns into liquid. This liquid freezes. If it gets cold enough, little bits of ice, or frost, form.
The cells of plants, like our cells, contain water and with frosts settling on plants the water in the cell can freeze.
If cold enough the frozen cells die and as the leaf thaws it turns black. Put a healthy leaf of a cold sensitive plant into the deep freeze and when you bring it out it will likely turn black.
Areas prone to frosts and areas where a cold snap is likely to cause a frost you need to protect your cold sensitive plants from damage starting now.
Frosts can occur when it is a still or cloud-less night and the temperature drops. Cloudy nights trap the heat from the day and also reduce the heat generated by us, heated homes, cars, street lights (before LED's) and animals.
Air movement such as breeze or wind also reduce the possibility of a frost.
Problem arises when you go to bed and it is cloudy or windy (maybe both) so no frost; but while tucked up, the wind drops, the clouds part and bingo you have a good frost. We call it; caught out without your frost cloth on.
The simple answer is to use the Vaporgard spray for Frost Protection.
Vaporgard gives you down to minus 3 degrees frost protection within 3 days of using for a period of up to 3 months.
VaporGard develops a polymerised skin over each spray-droplet which filters out UVA and UVB providing a sunscreen for chlorophyll which is normally under attack by UV light.
This results in a darker green colour of the foliage within a few days of application.
The chlorophyll build-up makes the leaf a more efficient food factory producing more carbohydrates, especially glycols giving stress protection from moisture loss and extra fuel for better growth and faster maturity. Glycols are also anti-freeze.
Thus the plant has its own anti-freeze to protect its cells from freezing.
Using Vaporgard the damage from the frost is slight and not visible.
However if there are two or more frosts in a row, night after night, then the cells do not have time to heal completely and damage will be seen.
When this is likely to happen you need to use Frost Cloth or similar for extra protection.
Apply Vaporgard now to tender plants mixed at 15mils per litre of warm water and sprayed over the top of foliage in full sunlight so the film will set quicker.
This will take your plants through to June when a second spray should be used to cover the rest of winter and early spring.
Also you should now be applying Fruit and Flower Power to your gardens. This achieves two things, it hardens up the plant's growth, makes them more able to survive the cold and wet of winter.
Also the magnesium in the product helps retain the green of the leaves and reduces possibility of winter yellows.
Gardening by the Moon I saw on the Face Book pages of 'NZ Vegetable growers'
There were various comments for and against so not being shy about coming forward I decided to put in my twopence worth. Here is what I wrote about gardening by the phases of the Moon .:
Hi, If you want to know how it works and that yes some gardeners will get better results if they follow diligently the moon cycles in doing the various chores of gardening.
Now you may laugh at this and poo hoo what I am going to explain but there is a connection between your plants and you. Plants will react to your moods and your state of mind; likewise you are also effected by plants and how they feel/relate about you.
This is simple to prove to any real gardener; you have a stressful day or worries are getting you down so you go out into the garden and do a few chores especially watering (with non chlorinated water hopefully)
That is a positive act giving benefits to the plants and soil life which respond and your cares and woes drift away.. Thank You plants..
Now say you are going to sow seeds or plant seedlings you look up your Moon Chart and see that yes it is the right time to do so, thus with a great positive mind set you go out and plant.
You have emitted that emotion which strengthens the resolve of the plants to do well, they feel comfortable that they are going into a safe situation and are encouraged to grow.
People do not have Green Fingers, they have Green Thoughts which is why they are very successful gardeners; they emit feelings that make their plants feel comfortable and if and when you are low the plants will emit feelings/energy to make you feel happy.
There is a easy experiment that you can do to prove this if you are able to focus your thoughts in the right manner.
Take two identical plants in two identical containers in the same situation a couple of feet apart. In all ways treat them identical except each day with one you tell it how wonderful it is and how it will grow to be great and that you love it very much.
The other plant you do the opposite, you tell it to die, you hate it, it is a miserable example of Nature etc. You can watch you words come true.
I remember reading about a guy who was a cacti enthusiast that was able to take a particularly thorny cacti and convince it that its protection of spikes was not needed as he would always protect it from harm, overtime apparently the cacti shed its spikes and became as smooth as some succulents.
You are likely also aware that plants communicate with each other through the soil using the strings of fungi present (if you have a healthy chemical free soil) I call it the Undernet..
As sap moves through plants, blood moves through you and electricity is created which we call a Electric Magnetic Field (some say its a aura)
It is that EMF that plants emit to calm you down and its your EMF (and Voice) that you emit to them; the volume you put out is related to your strength of thoughts and moods.
A similarly is smooth classical music that stimulates plant growth where jarring head banging rock (so called music) causes the reverse.
Now EMF generated by mankind such as Cell Towers, Pulsing Smart Meters, cell phones etc (Not to mention the upcoming worst one, 5G) causes health problems to Nature, Plants and all other life forms including humans, increasing free radicals and other not so nice things.
Use a Moon Chart, it helps focus the mind and your results will be favorable.
A word of caution there is a period of time (no matter where the moon is) that exists at dusk when the last of the suns reflected rays disappear and night falls.
It is a bad time to harm any plants including weeds and any gardening activities should only have a positive aspect to the plants as at that time they apparently have a greater power to affect you.
Your system on the other hand is at a low ebb (Vit C, immune system etc) and you are more susceptible to negative aspects. Might come down with a bad cold. (Or maybe I have a great imagination) ?
An article preface I read this morning which is along the lines of what I have been writing about for the longest time.
Welcome to Degeneration Nation 2019.
Genetically engineered foods and crops, toxic chemicals and factory farms­the unholy trinity of industrial food and farming­are undermining our very survival.
Public health and the health of the living Earth­our soils, forests, wetlands, watersheds, oceans and climate­are rapidly being destroyed, collateral damage arising from the "profit at any cost" ethos of corporate agribusiness, Big Biotech, Big Pharma and Big Food.
Cancer, chronic disease, obesity, loss of fertility, mass depression, learning disabilities and reproductive disorders have now become the norm, along with environmental degradation.
The rhythms and cycles of nature­the atmosphere, the soil carbon cycle, the water cycle, biodiversity, the climate and even the integrity of our DNA­are unraveling.
Unless we can turn things around, shut down the factory farms, rebuild our soils, restore our watersheds and forests, and get rid of the toxins, GMOs and greenhouse gases contaminating our bodies and our environment, mounting evidence suggests that we may soon, perhaps in the space of one generation, pass the point of no return.
This makes Climate Change a less important issue as there maybe nothing much left to be effected by climate.
(Or is that a distraction from the real problems?)