The immune building powers of shark liver oil have been acknowledged, used and studied for years.
These capsules contain pure New Zealand deep sea shark liver oil which is composed of immune supporting Alkoxyglycerols for the immune system, squalene for healthy skin, and squalamine for the body.
Benefits of Shark Liver Oil.

Strengthens the immune system, hay fever, sinusitis and other allergy sufferers also benefit.
Eases joint pain from arthritis.
Helps to maintain healthy skin, psoriasis sufferers have been shown to benefit.
Works against the bad effects of radiation.
Has anti-angiogenesis properties which can help to starve cancer tumours.
Reduces cholesterol. Contains omega 3s.
Helps to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis, (DVT), possibly caused by sitting for long periods in passenger planes, by making the blood less likely to clot.
In wound healing cases helps prevent scarring.
Increases energy by supplying cells with oxygen.
Has an antioxidant property. Helps to protect the body from toxic substances. Also said to help in leaching mercury from the body.
Helps diabetics control their blood sugar levels.
Has helped asthma patients achieve a complete recovery.
Strengthens against colds and flu.
Has been shown to be of great benefit to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Post Viral Syndrome sufferers, helping to give them back their energy.

Shark Liver Oil is also great support for the human immune system, is an antioxidant and helps to balance cholesterol level.

Shark Liver Oil contains:

*Alkoxyglycerols (AKG) which stimulate immune function, and protect against uncontrolled cell growth.
Squalene which is an antioxidant, is bactericidal and has long been used to keep human skin soft, pliable and healthy.
Its chemical structure causes it to react with water, combining with hydrogen and releasing oxygen.
The human body only produces only very small amounts of Squalene.
*Squalamine which is a recently discovered compound in Shark Liver Oil that blocks the formation of blood vessels (angiogenesis) that feed tumors thus effectively starving them to death. It is also a natural viricide, bacteriacide and fungicide.
*Omega 3 fatty acids which are well known to help in lowering cholesterol levels.
*Triglycerides (TAG) which are a natural source of energy in our bodies.
*Vitamin A.
*Vitamin D.
*Vitamin E.
*Essential Fatty Acids.
*Copper (CU), Zinc (ZN) and Iron (Fe) in trace amounts

Research has shown that these ingredients, when ingested orally, could work with the body and help activate and support the body's immune system.
Those who studied and used the product soon wondered if this beneficial effect would also apply to animals as well as humans.
The results have been positive and the product has been found to be particularly helpful for animals with mobility, skin and allergy problems.
Rather than treating the symptoms as some drugs such as cortisone do, this product supports the immune system and helps prevent the reoccurrence of the problem.

Suggested dosage:

For people one capsule per day. It is a good idea to take two capsules per day to start with for period of the number of days to the number of years of age. (eg if 41 years old for 41 days then one capsule a day there after as maintenance.)

One capsule is recommended for cats and small dogs per day and up to three for large dogs.

Available as 60 x 1000mg capsules for $22.00 plus postage $6.00 in NZ only.
Or 5 containers for $100 free post NZ Only; excludes any other offers
Phone 0800 466464 to order.

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