Bird Repeller Ribbon is an effective method of temporary reducing bird damage to crops and gardens.

The reflective in sun light scares birds and keeps them away.

Note tape shown in picture is not available we haveanother tape for detering birds


Birds are wonderful in the garden, bringing us their tuneful talk, their flitting from place to place and their hungry appetite for pests and bugs.
We encourage birds by planting native shrubs that they feed on, setting up food stations to attract them and bird baths too.
Many of us feed the birds by throwing out stale bread and scraps.
But at times birds become a curse when they eat our crops of fruit, destroy our seedlings, toss bark from gardens onto paths or lawns and feed on our freshly sown lawn seed.
So we have this enigma, we want the birds in our gardens but we dont want them eating our crops and doing damage or making extra work for us.
This is a problem that has worried gardeners for untold time and there is nothing worse than seeing most of your strawberries, plums, apples etc being eaten by birds or damaged to the point where they are not suitable for our use.
I spoke to a farmerís wife recently who has a well established orchard on the farm† with over 100 various fruit trees. She told me that she considered herself lucky if she was able to get one percent of the fruit for their own use.
Birds often attack the fruit long before it ripens and they dont seem to just eat a few fruit completely, they eat a bit out leaving the fruit damaged and to rot immaturely on the tree.
Last season I found birds eating my green tomatoes that were not even fully grown.
The Repeller Ribbon is available from mail order and comes in a 2.5cm x 150 metre roll.
Red on one side and silver on the other.
The ribbon is best applied before any damage happens as it is easier to deter birds before they start feeding on a crop rather than break a habit (which may or may not work so well) The ribbon is best strung between two stakes or branches where it is free to twirl in the mildest breeze.
It should be within close proximity of the crop you wish to protect.
Say on tomatoes in a row, a run of ribbon about midway up the stakes and another at the top of the stakes maybe best.
In bark gardens you should run the ribbon between stakes about 2 foot tall near the edge where the bark is kicked onto the lawn or path.
Leave in position for about a month or two and then remove as I would think at sometime the tape would not work as birds become accustomed to it. You can always put it back when damage starts to occur.
Likewise on crops remove the ribbon as soon as the crop has been harvested or is no longer required.
Wipe the tape with a moist cloth and roll up for future use.
If looked after, the ribbon could be reused for several seasons.
The ribbon reflects various color lights that frightens birds. The twirling aids movement in breezes.
Much easier than trying to cover a tree with bird netting, which in my experience doesn't really work as the birds seem to still get in and damage occurs.
Besides putting bird netting on and taking it off is a real mean feat.
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†Wally Richards

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