BULK PRODUCTS updated 18/9/11

I have noticed in recent times a demand for more natural products such as baking soda, borax etc for both gardens and home use.
A growing number of people have reactions to some of the chemicals used in gardening and in the home such as cleaners.
Availability of some of the older more natural products is limited and when available are often in small amounts making them expensive to buy.
Having availability of these products in larger quantities and knowing what they can be used for, may be of great benefit to many and a saving of money.

Freighting goods either by Parcel Post, courier or road transport does add to the cost especially for those living in the South Island as we dispatch the goods from Palmerston North.

For those living in the Manawatu or visiting Palmerston North, can pick up their requirements without incurring freight charges.

To do this you need to either email us of your requirements or phone us at 0800 466464 about a week before, pick up, so that the order can be made up for you.

Those that require the goods sent to them, need to forward a cheque to Garden Enterprises at Box 489 Palmerston North for the total amount including the freight involved with your physical address for delivery.
An email address or phone number can be helpful if there is a need to contact you before dispatch for any reason.

Alternative is phone 0800 466464 with order, credit card details and postal address.

Unless stated the products will be sent in sealed plastic 10 litre containers with a plastic liner.

The name of the product will be on the side of the container and the lid used for your address.

Additional product information you can obtain off this web site.

Allow about 7-10 working days from us receiving your order with payment to you receiving your goods.

In many cases you may have your goods within 5 days of sending the order to us.

We accept credit card details for payment.

If you wish to transfer funds directly to our bank account for payment then we will supply you our bank details.

Goods are only available in New Zealand.

Goods to rural addresses will incur additional freight costs so we will need to know your requirements and quote you a total price.

You can also place an order on our Order web site at www.0800466464.co.nz

Wally Richards
Garden Enterprises Ltd


Baking Soda (Bicarbonate of Soda, Food Grade) 10Kg $27.00 plus Freight.

Borax 10kg $44.00 plus freight

Borax 1 Kg $10.00 plus postage.
2.5Kg $20.00 plus postage
Borax is ideal for treating wood against borer and rots. 150grams to 1 litre of water sprayed or painted on. 2-3 applications is best. Wood then can be painted or vanished.
Mix 50% Borax with 50% Baking Laundry powder for washing clothes.
Mix 50% Borax with 50% icing sugar for an effective ant control.
Use Borax as a cleaning powder for hand basins, fridges, baths etc.

Break Through (Bio Boost) 7Kg $17.00 plus freight

Fruit and Flower Power 12.5Kg $39.00 plus freight

Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts) 8.5 Kg $26.00 plus freight

MBL (MAGIC BOTANIC LIQUID) 5 Litres $75.00 plus Freight

MBL (MAGIC BOTANIC LIQUID) 20 Litres $154.00 plus Freight

Naphthalene Flakes (Cat Repellent)5 Kg $70.00 plus freight
1 Kilo Jar $24.00 plus freight

Neem Tree Granules 7.5Kg $60.00 plus freight

Neem Tree Granules 20 Kg Bag $100.00 plus freight

Potassium Permanganate (Condys Crystals) 3 Kg Jar $120.00 plus freight

Organic Wheat Grass Seed 8Kg $26.00 plus freight

OCEAN SOLIDS 13Kg $22.00 plus Freight

To find out the many uses of the above products go to Product information

20Kg bag of Kitty Litter Crystals white and apple scented $60.00 plus shipping


North Island:

Palmerston North and local area, Picked up from our premises Freight Free

We will quote shipping costs to your home address.

South Island

We will quote shipping costs to your home address.