I was asked a very interesting question a while back which went like this,
'How come my parents and grandparents had such bountiful gardens?
Everything thrived and I never saw any great problems with pests and diseases, but on the other hand I have to use fertilisers and sprays just to maintain a mediocre garden.
What's gone wrong?

Well the answer as I see it was the difference in gardening, in days gone by people did not buy fertilisers and plant foods, instead they made their own compost and most people had their own chickens that were given all the kitchen scraps.
This was recycled into manure by the chickens and when the runs were mucked out this goodness went into the compost too.
The micro-organisms and beneficial fungi in the soil would be found in abundance along with lots of worms of course.
Then people started using chemical fertilisers and these destroy the beneficial soil life!
This means plants don't feed as well, valuable nutrients are lost as there is not the metabolisms there to make them soluble for the plants.
The plants are not so healthy and they then get attacked by pests and diseases.
The answer is to reverse the spiral and now there is a product called 'Mycorrcin ' which does the following;
'an organic product which promotes beneficial microbes to assist in the composting of organic matter into humus.
Stimulates Mycorrhizal fungi which act as an extension to the plant's roots assisting in the collection of nutrients and moisture.
Improves calcium uptake, stimulates the growth of feeder roots and microbes responsible for mineralization.
Improving Calcium availability and uptake.
Inhibits soil pathogens, containing defense proteins such as bacteriocin like substances which inhibit soil pathogens.
Promotes balanced growth of both roots and canopy.
Aids plants in increased growth rates,
heavier crop yields,
warms soil,
reduces disease problems,
revitalizes soils and microbe activity that have become poorly due to chemical fertilisers and sprays.

A must for preferred plants such as roses, annuals, vegetables, fruit and lawns as well as other ornamentals.

Soil drench applied before planting, 1ml per litre of water over a sq.M.
Sprayed at 5ml per litre over existing plants and on the soil around the plant.
(Ideally every 14 days)
Available in a 250 ml and 500ml bottle.'
By using Mycorrcin Plus we stimulate the beneficial organisms and they convert the available food into soluble forms for the plants. You use less food and get better results.

Here are a few examples, root mass of a grape vine cutting 800% bigger than the control plant from just dipping in Mycorrcin Plus for a few minuets before planting.

Roses that were treated during the summer were in full bloom with lots of new buds, lush healthy foliage, no sign of disease and for the first time ever fragrance from the flowers was noticed.

Other roses on the same property, in a better location, were not treated and at the time of this report, end of March (Auckland) these ones had finished flowering and looked a mess from blackspot.

The manufacturer of Mycorrcin Plus took his wife to see a planting of 18 month old olive trees in a trial area that were treated with the product. The wife told off her husband because their 10 year old olive tree at home was not a patch on these big healthy trial plants.

You can increase the yield of your strawberry plants by 200 to 400 plus percent.

Do you want a really terrific garden?
The answer lays in the soil and Mycorrcin Plus.

Use on your container plants too because they will really benefit from it.
If you have fallen leaves rake them up and spread them over the soil in bare gardens or under trees and shrubs and spray them with Mycorrcin Plus, it breaks them down in about 4 months.

Use in the compost heap for better compost, faster.

This is a product that is going to change your garden into a great garden and save you money in sprays and fertilisers.

Another point to bear in mind is; most of the popular, chemical, garden sprays for roses, pests and diseases no longer work!
This is because many pests and diseases have become immune to them and you are generally wasting your time and money, not to mention the damage you are doing to your health, the health of your plants (By destroying the beneficial fungi and micro-organisms that are vital to plant's health) plus the health of your family, pets, beneficial insects and wild life.

If you love your garden then send it a message by using Mycorrcin Plus.

Also throw out those harmful chemicals and start using natural products for pests and diseases such as the Neem Tree Oil, Neem Granules and Pellets, Perkfection, MBL, Mycorrcin, Micro-Life 4/20, Liquid Copper and Liquid Sulphur .

These are safe to use with no withholding periods.
Available from many garden centres or through our mail order service on these web pages.Mail Order link
Wally Richards
Gardening Columnist