Perkfecion for Roses and other plants

PerK; Organic First Aid Kit for Plants
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ALL ABOUT Perkfection For Roses and Other Plants
The active ingredients are synthetic substances that are replicas of natural organic compounds.
The main mode of action Perkfection has, is to trigger the production of a phytoalexin within the diseased plant.
Phytoalexins are natural plant toxins which assist the plant in its fight to overcome the invading pathogen. Perkfection has been likened to a natural product assisting in the natural curing process of the affected plant. It is biochemical in action.
Being a "tonic"; Perfection is going to appeal to a lot of gardeners that wish to avoid toxic sprays with their associated dangers and withholding periods. Recognised by Organic growing groups overseas, the Perkfection formulation is non poisonous and non corrosive, likewise any residue in treated produce. This makes Perkfection safe to use and it will not adversely affect birds, animals, fish, insects and soil micro organisms.

Perkfection is readily absorbed into the plant through leaves, trunk and roots. Highly mobile, moving upwards and downwards through the whole plant.
Perkfection is also compatible with common garden sprays.
I often recommend that a little plant food is added to sprays to 'perk up' the treated plants.
Perkfection is mixed at the rate of 5 mls per litre for plants that are showing signs of ill health and for protection against diseases.. When spraying Perkfection, spray to wet the foliage and use Raingard in the tankmix.
Re-apply 2 weekly to monthly or at longer periods as the plant's health indicates.
As Perkfection helps plants to recover from rot root and collar rot, it is beneficial at this time of the year when excessive moisture in the soil causes many losses to the home gardener.
Perkfection is a long lasting protector, so when it is known that plants are in a disease affected area, a preventive program of treatment is advisable.
There is no point of treating plants that are dormant as there is no sap movement to spread Perfection through the plant, application should be made while foliage is present and there is active growth.
Plants suffering from root rot and have lost too much of their root system prior to treatment are unlikely to recover.
Rhododendrons often show signs of stress with drooping foliage when their roots are being affected by too much moisture.
Suggested plants to treat include, roses, fruit trees, citrus, ornamentals, lawns,cymbidium orchids, grapes, tomatoes, vegetables, passion fruit, potatoes,cucurbits, strawberries and daphnes.
Proteas must be treated very early.
Ideally protective policies should be made prior to any disease attack or at the very early signs of problems.
Excellent to use on pot plants and container plants once a month with your watering especially during the cooler months. Use on Rex begonias, african violets and rubber trees.
Perkfection is going to give the home gardener many advantages as it will help produce healthier plants that are more disease resistant, a reduction in sprays and savings in not having to replace so many lost plants.
Since writing the above it has being found that Perkfection can help with Silverleaf..

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Many areas in New Zealand have a high instance of the disease Silverleaf.
The problem occurs in stone and pip fruit trees, roses and some ornamentals. The disease once noticed by the 'silvering' of leaves in the trees progresses over time to affect more and more of the tree or bush until the plant succumbs and dies.
In the past there has not being any effective controls other than removal of effected branches hoping to reduce or eliminate the disease.
Often trees and bushes are effected by the disease for some time prior to the first visible signs of the silver leaves.
The disease which is air borne enters the plant through cuts or damaged branches, most likely to happen at pruning time when there are many open wounds.

Gardeners that grow roses and fruit trees should be very concerned about the disease and safe guard their beloved plants.
Roses and fruit trees take time to mature and become established members of the garden; their demise costs not only time and money.
It was found that applications of Perkfection in the Autumn assists the roots of plants and in the spring assists the trunk and foliage of plants
I would suggest that gardeners that are concerned about their roses and fruit trees should implement a spraying program using Perkfection. The product is regarded as being organic and in keeping with nature.
Perkfection helps the plants to fight off the invading diseases by strengthening their immune systems.
Products such as this are becoming very popular with both commercial and domestic growers because the products are not regarded as toxic or harmful to the planet.

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